Sunrail – Central Florida Commuter Rail Transit Canopies. Structural engineering and drawings for station canopies and other structures for the 61 mile/17 station Commuter Rail System. The structures consisted of architectural exposed steel construction which required special steel detailing by McElroy Engineering. Phase1, which includes 14 of the 17 canopies, has approximately 67,000 SF total roof area and 530 tons of structural steel canopies.

Winter Haven Fire Station Safety Complex

Winter Haven Fire Station Safety Complex, Winter Haven, Florida. This project is a two-story 4-bay fire station, office/safety building and a 3-bay maintenance building.The second floor accommodates the residential requirements of the fire station including individual sleeping rooms, individual bathrooms, day room, kitchen/dining room and exercise room. The total square footage for the project is 21,000 SF. The structural system at the second-story floor is hollow core panels and concrete topping. The roof construction is mostly pre-manufactured steel trusses supporting light gauge metal deck. The floor and roof framing is supported by interior and perimeter load bearing pre-cast concrete walls. The foundation is concrete spread footings and monolithic slab foundations.

Orange County Fire Stations

Orange County Fire Stations, Orange County, Florida. Provided structural engineering for various renovations at Orange County Fire Stations #42, #52, #53 and #86. Also provided structural design for ninety-one (91) door replacements at nineteen (19) Orange County fire stations.

Lake Mary City Hall Renovation

Lake Mary City Hall Renovation, Lake Mary, Florida. This project includes three new entry canopies framed with wood trusses at 2′-0″ on center supported by wood or steel beams and steel columns, new infill framing to enclose the existing covered areas and new HVAC unit support framing. The existing structure was reviewed for deficiencies and structural drawings were prepared for the necessary reinforcement.

Orlando Fire Stations

Orlando Fire Stations #7, #14, #15, #16 & #17, Orlando, Florida. The fire stations are a split, double-deep, prototype 3-bay station with a maximum 10,000 SF gross area. The buildings are one-story, type II construction, non-combustible and meet the Florida Building Code. The structural system is reinforced masonry walls or precast concrete wall panels supporting pre-engineered steel joists and metal deck. The slab on grade is 8″ thick at the apparatus bay and 4″ otherwise.

Lake Mary Fire Station

Lake Mary Fire Station, Lake Mary, Florida. The fire sub-station project includes the main fire station area of 4,200 square feet and the apparatus bay of 2,750 square feet. This building is a one-story, type II construction, non-combustible and matches the character, materials and style of the existing police station sharing the same site. The structural system is reinforced masonry walls supporting premanufactured light-gauge metal trusses.