Sonata Nemours MOB

Sonata Nemours MOB, Orlando, Florida. The project is a 12,300 SF medical office building. The structure will be precast concrete panels with some metal frame construction at parapets and sloped roofs, metal joist and metal deck roof structure and monolithic concrete slab.

Sonata West MOB II

Sonata West MOB II, Winter Garden, FL. The project is a 48,000 SF 2-story shell medical office building. The structure will be precast concrete panels or reinforced masonry walls at perimeter, interior columns, structural steel, steel joists and metal deck. The 2nd floor will be composite steel beams or composite joists, composite metal deck, headed studs and concrete topping. Roof will have steel joists, steel beams and metal deck.

Kissimmee City Centre Office

Kissimmee City Centre Office, Kissimeee, Florida. The project includes a three-story office building located in downtown Kissimmee. The building measures 100 feet x 120 feet with 12,000 SF per floor for a total of 36,000 SF. The structure is steel framed supporting a composite metal deck and concrete topping at the elevated floors with exterior concrete tilt-up or masonry walls.

Orange Lake Town Center

Orange Lake Town Center Office and Retail Building, Orlando, Florida. The building is a two-story office building with a total area of approximately 57,000 SF. The building included 47,000 SF of office space and 10,000 SF for retail. The structural system is exterior masonry walls and structural steel framing at the interior with metal deck topped with concrete slab at the second floor.

Andersen Terrace Office

Andersen Terrace Office, Orlando, Florida. A two-story office building with approximately 24,000 square feet. Structural system is pre-stress concrete joists with concrete slab supported by exterior 8″ masonry wall and interior concrete beams and columns.

Grasslands MOB

Grasslands MOB, Lakeland, Florida. The project is a new two-story 60,000 SF medical office located at the Grasslands in South Lakeland. The structure is a structural steel frame, composite beams and deck at the 2nd floor and steel beam and deck at the roof.

Lake Nona Dental Office

Lake Nona Dental Office (Nona Smiles), Lake Nona, Florida. The project is a new 9,000 sq. ft. single story building with modern design, special roof design and tower elements.