Magic Kingdom Cosmic Ray Renovation

Magic Kingdom Cosmic Ray Renovation, Florida.  The project includes two new canopy structures to cover the new outdoor seating area for 200 persons and new suspended fire rated partition wall.  The new canopy columns must work with both the existing structure, the new dining layout and the new planters.  An existing planter area will be placed with new concrete slab on grade.  The new slab will stop along the existing retaining wall. The project also includes a restroom renovation.  The restroom renovation will be within the existing structure which will require slab on grade details, curbs and metal stud wall details.

Cosmic Ray Guardrails

Cosmic Ray Guardrails, Florida.  The project includes new roof guardrails and modifications to the existing on-stage roof parapets. 

EPCOT France Guardrails

EPCOT France Guardrails, Florida.  The project includes structural design services for new on-stage roof guardrails and modifications to the existing on-stage roof parapets, mansards and facades for the EPCOT World Showcase France building. 

Waterpark Expansion

Waterpark Expansion, Florida. This project is a master blaster water ride expansion to the existing waterpark. The structures included a new themed launch tower, pump sump pit, electrical/control building and other support structures. The launch tower required special detailing for the project theme. The total construction cost is estimated to be $4.5 million.

DISC Emergency Power Facility

DISC Emergency Power Facility & Roof Hardening, Florida. The project includes a 4,400 SF generator building and a complete as-built survey of the existing DISC facility structural conditions and the development of schemes for hardening and strengthening the main structure, roof, and exterior walls. The new generator building structure includes tilt-up concrete walls, concrete foundations, steel joists and concrete topped composite metal deck designed for a 190 mph wind velocity and a large missile impact force of 6,000 lbs.

EPCOT Health & Wellness Center

EPCOT Health & Wellness Center, Florida. The project is a single story health and wellness center with approximately 15,000 SF. The structural system is steel joists and metal deck supported by tilt-up concrete bearing walls and interior steel columns. The foundation is a spread foundation and the floor will be a concrete slab on grade.

American Idol Theater

American Idol Theater, Florida. Major structural renovation for new American Idol Theater at Hollywood Studios.